Appreciate all that you have achieved this week. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life!
— Daniel Rice

My overall philosophy to health and fitness is to eliminate discomfort, minimize stress levels, and promote a healthier and more vibrant life. 

I take a FOUR pillar approach to my training philosophy with each pillar being just as essential as the other to support the body and ultimate get to a place of optimal health. 

The first pillar is muscle alignment; This is where I place the client on the massage table and assess for any muscle impulse and tightness. With my massage background I use therapeutic techniques to help release any tension. You simply cannot strengthen muscles effectively if they can't move properly.

The second pillar is body alignment; I assess your structure, posture, and range of motion. I’ll then determine what type of therapeutic training will be best to improve overall structure balance and alignment. I believe there’s no need for fitness machines while working together. Instead we’ll us innovative and adaptive techniques that are more efficient and work with the natural mechanics of the body. 

The third pillar is nutrition; I work with clients and together we do a base line evaluation of their current food and nutrition habits. From here we start to make adjustments if needed. I have a broad tool box of excellent healthy recipes and build customizes meal plans to ensure the right balance of foods groups and nutrients are back of my clients daily meals. 

The fourth pillar is mindfulness training; What it mindfulness you ask? I define it as a mental state achieved by focusing ones awareness on the present moment. While physical exercising helps improves and release serotonin(the feel good hormone), which helps regulate sleep, appetite, and mood. After exercising to help amplify the process of releasing the hormones, I will take you through a five minute guided meditation. This short “pause” helps serotonin transform into melatonin, which will promote relaxation, minimize stress and help in recovery. It also feels really good! 

Together we work the body and the mind, the results will be both transformative and up lifting. Join Me!