"What I love about Daniel is that I came to him wanting change, and that's exactly what I got."

“My name is Brooke Daniels and I met Daniel Rice when I first moved to LA from NYC! I am an NPC Bikini bodybuilder and was looking to build my lower body- mainly glutes & legs. I was struggling to find a trainer that knew how to build muscle groups efficiently and dedicated to my goals & needs! 

Well, Daniel Rice is the perfect combination of both! He introduced me to lifting techniques that targeted different muscle groups simultaneously. He taught me proper lifting form, how to care for my body pre/post lifting and also has amazing recipes (you are what you eat)!

I honestly can't remember my life before Daniel Rice Fitness! May sound cheesy but Daniel has changed my life dramatically in such a short period of time! For once, I have control of my life (mind, body & soul)! Daniel incorporates tons of yoga/meditation practices into his regimes which has allowed me to really channel my center and prioritize properly!

If you need change and want results, then Daniel Rice Fitness is the answer to your problems! Plus- he makes working out FUN! Fitness is fun, people!”

-Brooke Daniels


“I trained with Daniel  for 2/3 pt sessions a week over a 6 Months period. Daniel combined intensive personal training continually adapting to my previous injuries with a comprehensive nutrition program which led me to losing weight in critical areas with major improvements to tone, core, stability and overall well being. I have every confidence and faith in Daniel's outstanding ability and commitment to his profession. he's the definition of 'practice what you preach'.  I am probably the fittest I have been in about 20 years, which is really saying something.”

-Eddie Abueida


“Daniel practices what he preaches.  He's in great shape, eats well and knows how to motivate his clients, that's what you need in a personal trainer.  Daniel is always punctual and will make you work beyond your comfort zone for the WHOLE time you are under his watch.  I am thankful for what he has helped me achieve, highly recommended!!”

-Dr. Saad D.M.D


My goal was to gain 15 pound of muscle mass from a weight of 150 pounds.   The first 5 pound was subject to a 45 day bet with some friends so I sought out the advice of a personal trainer.  I was a novice in the gym, unfamiliar with the equipment and needed someone to walk me through the basics of physical fitness and muscle gain.  Daniel understood my goal and made it his own.  His program includes a balance of diet and physical workouts that resulted in quicker changes.  His style is very proactive and positive with the right amount of encouragement that pushes me beyond what I thought were my limits.  Time passes very quickly during my sessions with Daniel and end with me feeling a great sense of accomplishment.” 

-Domenic Milica,


Daniel is the most professional trainer I've ever had. He inspires me, motivates me and pushes me to do my best. I've lost 10 lbs so far and can't wait to keep going. You can't get any better then him, he's the best hands down and truly there for you thru the entire process. Thank you Daniel

-Christina Karadsheh


“I started working with Daniel just about a year ago and in a year I've gained nearly 20 pounds of mass. This, coming from someone who always struggled with putting on weight, is no small feat. At our first meeting Daniel sat down with me and really listened to what my goals were. With that he developed a program fully catered to meeting this goal. 

Over the months he has helped me both in mind and body, making every workout a challenge and reassuring me that each of these challenges can be overcome when you put your mind to it. At times when I start to waver he simply reminds me to "trust the process" and I am sure glad I do. Every day I see subtle changes that make me want to take things to the next level and I know Daniel will take me there.

Daniel Rice Fitness is much more than personal training. He is incredibly knowledgeable, talented, genuinely cares about his clients and wants them to succeed in every way. Daniel has become a friend and I always look forward to our sessions to get a great workout, while catching up on life...plus you're always guaranteed a good laugh! “

-Charlie Pflaumer


"I cannot say enough about Daniel Rice as a trainer. He is the very first trainer that listened to me and the injuries I had. And since Daniel is a "wholistic" trainer, who is very knowledgeable about the body and it's structural integrity, he was able to not only "fix" my problem areas but also allowing me to lift during the fixes.  I cannot communicate how smart and innovative Daniel is and his knowledge of the body.  He truly has helped me change my body and not be afraid of "re-injuring" myself.  Daniel is the best of the best!  If you are getting older, have injuries, and just want to be pushed, Daniel is your man!  Train on!"

-Frank Mastronuzzi